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IGNOU BCom A&F Solved Assignment 2022-23

IGNOU MPS Solved Assignment 2022-2023

IGNOU mps solved assignment

If you come to this page to download each collection of MPS Solved Assignment 2022-2023 . so you come to the right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come here. We have uploaded all available Solved Assignments of MAUD to our website and it is ready and available for all MPS Students.

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We provide all Solved Assignments to IGNOU MPS students free And cost and you can download easily and without registration.

IGNOU BCom A&F Solved Assignment 2022-23

List of IGNOU MPS Solved Assignment 2022-2023 :-

First year

Course Code Course Title Download Link
MPS 1 Political Theory Click Here
MPS 2 International Relations: Theory and Problems Click Here
MPS 3 India: Democracy and Development Click Here
MPS 4 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends Click Here


Second year

Course Code Course Title Download Link
MPSE 1 India and the World Click Here
MPSE 2 State and Society in Latin America Click Here
MPSE 3 Western Political Thought Click Here
MPSE 4 Social and Political Thought in Modern India Click Here
MPSE 5 State and Society in Africa Click Here
MPSE 6 Peace and Conflict Studies Click Here
MPSE 7 Social Movements and Politics in India Click Here
MPSE 8 State Politics in India Click Here
MPSE 9 Canada: Politics and Society Click Here
MPSE 11 The European Union in World Affairs Click Here
MPSE 12 State and Society in Australia Click Here
MPSE 13 Australia‘s Foreign Policy Click Here
MED 2 Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges Click Here
MED 8 Globalisation and Environment Click Here
MGP 4 Gandhi‘s Political Thought Click Here
MGPE 7 Non-Violent Movements after Gandhi Click Here
MGPE 8 Gandhian Approach to Peace and Conflict Resolution Click Here
MGPE 10 Conflict Management, Transformation & Peace Building Click Here
MGPE 11 Human Security Click Here
MGPE 13 Civil Society, Political Regimes and Conflict Click Here

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Each question has a different marking and it will be printed on each question. Candidates must write the solution of all questions which are written in the MPS assignment file.  IGNOU MPS  Students have to submit each course’s assignments to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. You have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

Student assignments are carefully checked by IGNOU Study Centres. It is the candidates’ responsibility to write the best assignment solution before submitting it for evaluation.

We have provided a few solutions for just helping students, but they are expected to incorporate the given answer into a new answer using their skills and knowledge. There is a possibility that your assignment will be rejected by the university if all the answers were copied.    

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Important Note For Writing The IGNOU Assignment / How to write IGNOU Assignment ?

  • Write all the assignments with your own hand ( If You Can Otherwise you can buy Handwitten solved assignment ).
  • Do not write to anyone else in a quick affair. This assignment can also be canceled. It totally depend on you.
  • The weight of the IGNOU assignment in result or Grade Card is 30% in total marks You get, so take this carefully.
  • Submit the assignment to the teacher or through the online Mode of your learning center before the Last date of Submission.
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How To Download IGNOU MPS Solved Assignment Hindi 2022-2023 ?

  • Go to the download link of our page and click on it .
  • Choose Your Subject From the list of Subject Code .
  • Click On the Download Link.
  • Click on the whatsApp link which is introduced in the link.
  • Place Your order there .
  • Make Payment Through any Payment Mode .
  • Send ScreenShot .
  • We will send you hand to hand Solved Assignment in PDF Format or Hand Written Assignment through Post within 6-7 Days Maximum .
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Last Date of IGNOU Assignment Submission 2022-2023?

  • For July  15th April Session – To be Notified Soon
  • December 15th October Session- To be Notified Soon

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