IGNOU BAM Solved Assignment 2023-24 | 2024-25

IGNOU BAM Solved Assignment 2023-24 | 2024-25

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List of Courses for 1st and 2nd Semesters:

You can find the list of courses available for the first and second semesters of the Bachelor of Arts Program here. The courses for the other semesters will be provided later

Discipline Specific Courses

Sr.NoCourse CodeCourse TitleDownload Now
1BANC131Anthropology and Research MethodsPDF
2BANC132Fundamentals of Biological AnthropologyPDF
1BECC131Principles of Microeconomics-IPDF
2BECC132Principles of Microeconomics-IiPDF
1BEGC131Individual and SocietyPDF
2BEGC132Selections From Indian Writing : Cultural DiversityPDF
1BESC131Education: Concept, Nature and PerspectivePDF
2BESC132Structure and Management of EducationPDF
1BHDC131Hindi Sahitya Ka ItihaasPDF
2BHDC132Madhyakaleen Hindi KavitaPDF
1BHIC131History of India From The Earliest Times Upto 300 CePDF
2BHIC132History of India From C.300 To 1206PDF
2BMTC132Differential EquationsPDF
Public Administration
1BPAC101Perspectives on Public AdministrationPDF
2BPAC102Administrative ThinkersPDF
1BPCC131Foundations of PsychologyPDF
2BPCC132Introduction To Social PsychologyPDF
Political Science
1BPSC101Understanding Political TheoryPDF
2BPSC102Constitutional Government and Democracy In IndiaPDF
1BPYC131Indian PhilosophyPDF
1BSKC131Sanskrit Padya SahityaPDF
2BSKC132Sanskrit Gadhya SahityaPDF
1BSOC131Introduction To SociologyPDF
2BSOC132Sociology of IndiaPDF
1BUDC131Study of Prose and Poetic Form In UrduPDF
2BUDC132Study of Urdu Classical GhazalPDF
Interdisciplinary Courses
S.NoCourse CodeCourse TitleDownload Now
1BEGG171Media and Communication SkillsPDF
2BHDG175Madhyakaneen Bharatiya Sahitya Evam SanskritiPDF
3BHIE143History of EnvironmentPDF
Public Administration
4BPAG171Disaster ManagementPDF
5BPCG171General PsychologyPDF
6BPYG171Applied EthicsPDF
Political Science
7BABG171Understanding AmbedkarPDF
8BSOG171Indian Society: Images and RealitiesPDF
9BSKG178Pracheen Bharatiya RajnitiPDF
Ability Enhancement Course
S.NoCourse CodeCourse TitleDownload Now
1BEVAE181Environmental Studies PDF
Value-Added Course
S.NoCourse CodeCourse TitleDownload Now
1BEDSV101Value Education PDF

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