How To Prepare & Study For IGNOU Exams In One Day

How To Prepare & Study For IGNOU Exams In One Day

Hello, Dear Students . As I Also have been a IGNOU University Student and spended my much time with IGNOU student . I know many of students have issue in Study Because it is a Distance Learning. And Every Student have Question in there mind that How to Prepare and Study for IGNOU Exams in one Day.

We have also faced this issue with many of our students and friend and we successfully found the way. If you have also issue in preparation of IGNOU Exam so you can also follow the same steps then you can easily Get Passed. It  is tested and Experienced Method but you have to follow it strictly.

Things To Do in Last Day Before Exam

We are going to explain full method . we are going to make list of things that you have to read in Last day according to High Priority to Low Priority. Because It is Very very sensetive and important from your exam point of you.

  1. IGNOU Assignments –  We have Selected it On Highest Priority Because it is an example of Questions that is more similiar to the question that will come in Exam and its provided by IGNOU thats why we have Put it on first.

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  1. IGNOU Guess Papers – These are the Sample papers and You Have already Seen in other class . These are very similar and Consists of Previous Year Question Paper that used to come most time in Exam.

Note – Practice these two things as much as you can do in one day. You will definitely Pass.

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How to Write Answer in IGNOU Exams?

As You Know that You are not that much Studied For exam So Be Precise and Write Answers accurately . Try To make Where you can make and Explain those points in Depth. Where The Answer needs to be long and Write in Pragraph Write that in Paragraphs. Make Diagram in Every Necessary Question.


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